Since Chloe was 2 years old and walking she has been an active part of our little dog world here.

She started by letting out our female we had at the time named Gretta. She would climb out of her toddler bed and go let Gretta out, THEN come upstairs while we were in bed and say "Momma, Gretta, OUT!" The first time she said this I freaked out because I wasn't sure WHICH door she let her out of, but I soon learned that this was only the beginning of Chloe taking care of our four legged extended family. Since I became a Dog Groomer, Chloe has been up to the grooming shop with me and has learned how to brush dogs out and dry them. She even helps with our friends Afghan Hound when she is getting him ready for the dog shows. (See Picture Below)

When Chloe was about 3 1/2 years old she came to a show in Bloomington IL and showed a Shar-pei named Sasha in a fun match. It was her first time and she was really good! (Video below) Everyone oooooed and aaaaahhhhhed over her and she LOVED the attention.

We had right before that, imported a Shar-pei named ZOEY specifically for Chloe to raise on her own. She was insistant about it, even at 3 1/2 years old that she was going to train this pup and eventually show her. Zoey was born in Russia on January 1, 2008. We got her in March and Chloe was turning 4 in June. So it was kind of a birthday present, EARLY.

From the minute Chloe had Zoey she started stacking her and repeating "STAAAAANNNNNNDDDD" and placing Zoeys legs. She was so cute! Chloe got up every morning and let Zoey outside to go potty, wiped her eyes and fed Zoey her food. We would take Chloe to the dog shows and continue to allow her to play and train Zoey. They are now inseparable. Chloe showed Zoey for the first time in Belleville IL at a fun match and did so well we allowed her to take her to the Purina Farms International Shows. Please take a look at all the videos below of Chloe and her Shar-pei! She has put 2 International Titles on Zoey all by herself!

Currently at 5 years old, Chloe is always active in the Rottweilers as well. She can handle any of our dogs in the house. She is fully capable of letting them out, feeding them, and helping with the puppies. She is usually there for the actual whelping of the litters and knows how to shake down a puppy and bring it back to life. She knows how to cut the cord and keep a pup clean. She can bottle feed a baby pup if needed and is not scared to clean up the whelping box if it gets dirty. Our females respect Chloe and look to her as if she is one of us. Chloe can get into the box and put pups on nipples or move them around so they dont get squished!

Some of these videos are of Chloe at 3 1/2, 4, 5 years old.

We believe we are teaching Chloe a lot of responsibility and respect for animals. She is able to watch the females while we take showers or if we need to get some things done around the house. Without Chloe's help there might have been a few pups in the past who would have been laid on had it not been for Chloe PULLING the mother off or alerting me to a situation that has saved a pups life!

Chloe has accomplished so much more at 5 years old than a lot of her peers. She is very mature for her age. It's amazing to see the difference in other 5 year olds compared to her. She has had so many real life experiences pertaining to dogs, its amazing.

We are now starting Chloe in Martial Arts. We feel it is a very mature extra curricular activity that will help with focus and discipline of her mind and body.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Chloe's page! As she grows and accomplishes many new things we will be updating this page. Hopefully whatever she chooses to do in her life with be not only positive but will be taken to the fullest of her potential!

We love you Chloe!
Your mom and dad!

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